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Branding and Web Design – Know How to Strike the Right Chords

Updated: May 9, 2023

One of the most critical aspects of a new business is to develop an effective branding strategy. Branding allows your business to get recognized and stand out. This can lead to greater brand recall, which is essential for the success of any business.

However, for successful branding, you must ensure to take all your materials into account and run a common theme across your social channels, printed materials, and other marketing outlets. To achieve a cohesive brand identity and bolster brand recognition, your colours, logos, fonts, and values should be consistent across all channels.

Another thing that needs to be a reflection of your branding theme is your website. In today’s technology-driven world, your website is often your first impression to your prospective customers. This is why it needs to convey your vision, style, and your values to them, giving them a clear insight into what you stand for.

Here we talk about four steps that can help you integrate brand consistency into your website and turn it into a memorable extension to your brand.

# 1 Be Consistent With Your Colour Scheme

Colours have great recall value. We tend to colour code things in our minds and often associate certain colours with certain things. This is why the colour scheme of your website should be consistent with your brand to help your audience familiarize with your business from the get-go and not feel lost as they get to know your business further.

# 2 Don’t Use Too Many Fonts

While it can be tempting to experiment with different fonts across your website and other communication channels, it is always advisable to stick to your signature fonts. This helps your audience associate your typography with your brand and get familiarized with your brand identity.

# 3 Get Personal

If there’s one thing that brands have embraced in today’s world, it’s being human. People love seeing the human sides of brands as it makes them more relatable and allows them to buy into the story of the business. Your website can be a great way to reflect your human side and let people know what you, as a business, stand for. This can include your vision & mission statements, your values and your ethics too.

# 4 A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Your brand’s imagery is another thing that your audience will remember you by. Be consistent with the kind of graphics you use across your communication channels. From icons to illustrations or infographics – the graphic content on your website and other communication outlets should loo

k and feel consistent.

At IdeaX, we specialize in creating brand websites that reflect and translate the story of your business. We believe that websites, as the first point of contact between a prospective customer and a business, should not only be visually and contextually impressive but also convey the right message from the minute someone clicks on the URL.


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