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Email Campaign

1 to 1 engagement with customers

E-campaigns are a very effective tool to engage with your prospects or customers. By providing them relevant and specific information, you can keep them informed about your products, communicate new offers, or simply build a stronger relationship with the brand. 

Our 6 steps for effective email marketing

1. Build a customer persona

This step required defining who the customer is, and what solution are they seeking. What is their motivation and barriers for the solution they seek.

2. Define the purpose of e-campaign
Is it to convert prospects or nudge existing customers buy more or to strengthen the relationship with the brand.

3. Develop an emailer that is relevant and interactive
It is able to grab customer attention and engage with them in a meaningful manner

4.Trigger campaigns using automation
That can personalise the communication for each individual in an automated manner

5. Measure performance

Track how many emails were delivered, how many opened and which section of email customer interacted with through our advanced tracking mechanisms.

6. Analyse the response using advanced techniques

like A/B testing, multivariate testing and machine learning to improve targeting and design of future emails fo better RoI.

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