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Story of IdeaX

Idea with an X-Factor

Whilst ideas are important, they are of no value until implemented. We understand the value of execution, which is why we work closely with you to generate ideas and then turn them rapidly into action. We follow a simple approach - think big, start small and scale rapidly. We generate big ideas and then start by running small pilots to measure their effectiveness because some ideas look good on the drawing board but fail in real life. We then pick up the winning ideas and scale them rapidly to deliver growth for your business.

Ideas & Execution

Remember X from school days? A variable that could take any value! In Maths it could be X = 10, in Physics X could be equal to velocity of a moving train or in business X could represent sales of a company.
It is a similar X in the story of IdeaX. It can take any value that enhances the power of Ideas: 
Foremost X represents eXecution because an idea has no value unless it is executed well. X also represents the multiplier effect that ideas have on business growth when executed well
In this hyper-connected and competitive digital world, Customer eXperience is key to a brand’s success and providing superior eXperience is what shapes our ideas
X also represents the eXpertise that we bring together through our team across disciplines in Singapore and India
And finally, X represents the Cross (X) collaboration that we do with our clients to develop and execute ideas for their success.
So if you are looking for Ideas with an X factor for your business, contact IdeaX now. 

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